58,14 ↓ 100 JPY
91,49 ↑ 10 CNY
62,95 ↑ USD
53,31 ↓ 1000 KRW
+19° ветер 3 м/c
18 July
17 July, 20:18

However, it is still higher than in the US ($38,990 vs $47,700)

17 July, 16:40

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 can already connect to the network by updating the software

11 July, 23:47

Also, now user comments from your "black list" will not be visible to you

11 July, 17:38

Average home prices have jumped 10,4% in the first five months this year

10 July, 23:31

Russia’s lower house of parliament voted Tuesday to urge the government to impose restrictions on economic ties with Georgia

10 July, 20:19

This time, the supervisor censored the wallstreet.cn aggregator

10 July, 15:53

The bipartisan consensus on the harsh reaction to the behavior of the Chinese government is growing in the US parliament

04 July, 23:34

The authorities conducted this action under the pretext of combating pornography and "historical nihilism"

04 July, 19:27

The operation of the 737 MAX model was suspended worldwide in March after the second crash

04 July, 14:35

The INF treaty banned production, testing and deployment of land-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers

03 July, 10:29

Evergrande Group launches its first-ever electric vehicle

03 July, 04:37

The head of Tele2 said that maybe 5G - "is not something we need to do right now"

28 June, 14:23

Huawei workers have teamed with members of various organs of the PLA on at least 10 research endeavours

28 June, 07:12

Microprocessor failure on a jet plane may cause the plane to fall

28 June, 01:38

42 adults and 1 child saved, 7 injured

24 June, 09:36

Kim described the letter as being "of excellent content" and that he "would seriously contemplate the interesting content"

24 June, 01:13

Prayuth Chan-ocha listed infrastructure and connectivity as key to "strengthening Asean”

21 June, 15:06

But U.S. elections could complicate ties

21 June, 08:31

China will support the North Korean leader and ensure stable security of the state