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31 October
28 October, 18:45

Samsung Group founder Lee Byung-chul's children separated from the Samsung empire when their father officially made way for his third son Kun-hee to lead the group

27 October, 12:08

Held on November 11 every year, Singles’ Day in China is the world’s largest online shopping festival

26 October, 18:38

Beijing plans new features and legal change toward launch by 2022 Olympics

24 October, 14:15

Remote-controlled humanoids can stock shelves, guard offices and aid astronauts

23 October, 14:25  |  Covid-19

Travelers, and their countries, have to meet certain conditions

22 October, 18:44  |  Tourism

The country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism made the announcement in a notice published on its website on Wednesday

19 October, 13:29

The new law takes effect in December and allows Beijing to "take reciprocal measures" against countries that abuse export controls and pose a threat to national security

18 October, 19:41

As the world’s hunger for Japanese cuisine grows, so does its thirst for the country’s iconic drink

17 October, 14:20  |  Auto

Taiwanese iPhone assembler sees EVs as next key source of growth

16 October, 14:17

It has become the largest, purely online, fashion company in the world measured by sales of self-branded products

15 October, 12:32

Obstruction of royal motorcade and threat to national security cited

14 October, 17:27

Under the Human Rights Council's rules, seats are allocated to regions to ensure geographical representation

13 October, 22:05

Product posts from brands including Samsung and Fila have disappeared from several Chinese e-commerce platforms

11 October, 13:57  |  Crypto

Lottery planned on Monday to choose first 50,000 users in Shenzhen

09 October, 13:38

Stumbles by Huawei and Apple also help Samsung post strong Q3

08 October, 19:03  |  Tourism

Limited-time pass offers huge discounts on train travel in and around Tokyo

07 October, 21:41  |  Covid-19

Well-capitalised Chinese creditors are adding to woes in Africa and elsewhere

05 October, 19:02

Even though Japan is relaxing its entry restrictions on those from overseas, except for tourists, visa applicants will be required to meet strict conditions to receive permission to enter the country

30 September, 12:03  |  Tourism

In the initial stage of reopening, the first flight, scheduled to land on Oct 8, is expected to carry 120 tourists from Guangzhou

29 September, 18:56

The World Bank said the East Asia and the Pacific region this year is projected to grow by only 0.9 per cent