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08 August
07 August, 12:01  |  Crypto

Netizens have complained that the DCEP app, in its current state, lacks some of the functionality of Alipay and WeChat pay

04 August, 13:37  |  Auto

Indebted developer has five-year goal to become largest maker of electric vehicles

02 August, 14:00

Smaller vessels appeal to passengers with idea of lower-risk voyages

01 August, 18:16

Luxury brand, Burberry from Britain, has said production by all of its fashion items would use sustainable materials by 2022

31 July, 20:30

Facebook and Google have strongly opposed any move forcing them to share advertising revenue

30 July, 17:48

Canberra has signalled it will not join Washington in a new cold war with Beijing – sceptics wonder if it has any alternative

29 July, 16:36

Chinese apps pose risk for security cooperation with US, critics argue

28 July, 19:44  |  Covid-19

Ports must quickly identify silent virus carriers, reduce threat

28 July, 12:07  |  Blockchain

Valued at $200 billion, Ant Group, the biggest unicorn in the world, is also the most important player in China's blockchain space

27 July, 12:45

NK claims ‘runaway’ came back with coronavirus symptoms, shuts down border town Kaesong

25 July, 14:46

Gold has high returns of up to 30-40%

24 July, 19:20

The ministry emphasised the closure was directly in response to the US on Tuesday ordering the Chinese consulate in Houston to shut down.

23 July, 21:28  |  Tourism

Incheon International Airport will start testing intelligent control system in 2021

22 July, 14:20

New shoe opens new avenues for Japan's century-old athletic brand

21 July, 15:43

Co-operation beyond electric vehicle battery to smart mobility solution

20 July, 15:32

City to offer free rent for companies opening new offices here

17 July, 22:08  |  Tourism

Local governments fear an influx of visitors from urban areas will lead to a spike in infections they are ill-equipped to handle

17 July, 15:08

Local department stores pay for luxury brands' interior when opening boutique inside

16 July, 16:52  |  Auto

There are 25 car brands including Nissan and BMW and 22 motorcycle manufacturers on show at booths with specific entry and exit points to prevent crowding

15 July, 16:33  |  Covid-19

A spike in cases in HK indicates the city has been hit by a third wave of COVID-19