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04 August
14 July, 11:29

60% of hospitality firms face closure

13 July, 16:41

The funeral was also livestreamed online

11 July, 12:12  |  Fashion

Hermes has upper hand in lawsuit against Korean fashion label

10 July, 18:29  |  Crypto

During the raid, Chinese police seized $15 million as well as expensive real estate and luxury cars

10 July, 11:54  |  Air

China's first passenger jetliner offering high-speed internet service on board, a Qingdao Airlines' aircraft, is put into commercial operation, on July 7, 2020

09 July, 16:40  |  Military

The US has a huge nuclear arsenal, with about 5 800 warheads, about 20 times that of China's number

08 July, 16:44

Plane's development was promised in defense buildup plan

08 July, 13:06

The South Korean tech titan usually holds the event in New York every year but opted to go online due to the novel coronavirus pandemic

07 July, 17:54

The atheists in Beijing are eagerly waiting for him to die so that they can pick his successor

06 July, 14:45

The coconut milk industry in Thailand is under fire by Western animal rights activists for allegedly allowing the animals to be used as "slave labour"

05 July, 17:21

New Delhi is developing its strategic partnership with the US, Australia and Japan as part of efforts to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean

04 July, 11:26

Bangkok and Chiang Mai among top 30 in latest Asia survey, thanks to strong baht

03 July, 17:18

Mucors are used as biological material by local industries in fermented foods, like cheese and soybean paste, and in critical enzymes for lipase and protease

02 July, 16:25

Genes from three virus strains part of a group reported ‘almost exclusively’ in Asia’s tropical zone, according to Harvard team

01 July, 12:11  |  Auto

A car that avoids the flaws commonly found in the subcompact crossover market

30 June, 15:07

162 members of National People’s Congress Standing Committee back legislation

29 June, 22:43

Nissan execs face off with angry shareholders over red ink and Carlos Ghosn scandal

29 June, 17:38

Japan’s biggest automaker also said its global sales fell 31,8%

27 June, 13:10

Country aims to commercialize 5G Wi-Fi in October

26 June, 18:51

At least five antibody treatments are now in the works, with most of them in Asian labs, including Singapore, Japan, South Korea and mainland China