56,55 ↑ 100 JPY
89,39 ↓ 10 CNY
61,95 ↑ USD
53,05 ↓ 1000 KRW
-18° ветер 2 м/c
24 January
10 September 2019

The Mi Charge Turbo will be released shortly along with Xiaomi's new 5G flagship smartphone

06 September 2019

The truck driver was on an unfamiliar stretch of road on rails, after which he could not escape from a collision with a train

03 September 2019

Kakao is the 36th largest conglomerate in the country

02 September 2019

More than half of the respondents told someone that they were sexually harassed

30 August 2019

The Chinese government called it "regular rotation"

27 August 2019

In addition to the speed of data exchange, it will provide increased passenger safety.

23 August 2019

The company sees AI as a technology that can be used in all sectors of the economy

20 August 2019

China plans to become a leader in AI by 2030

17 August 2019

US media said that a Chinese company is spying on opposition politicians

13 August 2019

Consumers and businesses will download a mobile wallet and exchange their yuan for digital money

07 August 2019

According to the report, the panel looked into at least 35 cases of cyberattacks in 17 countries

02 August 2019

SK hynix and Micron Technology already announced plans to reduce production

01 August 2019

Several Tivoli users posted video clips on the online forum stating that their cars could not accelerate

30 July 2019

The AI-based robot delivers the required shelf with goods to the person and returns it to its place

29 July 2019

South Korean steel giant believes steel still has hope

24 July 2019

Sellers will have to pay an annual registration fee of about $2000

22 July 2019

Korean T&R Biofab specializes in organ printing using bioink

19 July 2019

The latest information about the fire, work and threats that came to the creators of anime

18 July 2019

It is expected that control of the semiconductor market by Japan will rise to 80%

17 July 2019

However, it is still higher than in the US ($38,990 vs $47,700)