72,88 ↓ 100 JPY
11,41 ↓ 10 CNY
76,44 ↓ USD
67,67 ↓ 1000 KRW
ветер 3 м/c
27 October
25 September, 13:30  |  Air

E-commerce, logistics for new revenue

24 September, 14:20  |  Crypto

Bitcoin and crypto OTC dealers in China are facing widespread issues in the country

23 September, 17:32  |  Tourism

Around 1,000 foreigners would be granted entry daily under the eased restrictions

21 September, 22:06

High-net-worth individuals can splash out more than US$60,000 for a one kilogram bar

18 September, 12:33  |  Boycott

TikTok has approached Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom about becoming the app's next CEO

17 September, 18:48  |  Auto

The new prototype car has two doors and a six-speed manual transmission

16 September, 16:30

Players of Peacekeeper Elite, a sanitised version of PUBG Mobile in China, have so far spent US$1.9 billion on the game

15 September, 19:22

China’s tech behemoths are increasingly turning to Southeast Asia in the face of growing hostility from the US and other major markets

14 September, 18:21

Korean activists hold #BoycottMulan banner during a press conference to boycott Disney's film "Mulan" in front of Disney Korea in Gangnam-gu

13 September, 14:04  |  Tourism

The statue of Ai Khai wearing black glasses and military camouflage uniform — which are among popular offerings presented by the faithful

12 September, 13:27  |  Auto

Beijing users can experience the Apollo Go Robotaxi service after registering on Baidu Maps or the Apollo website

11 September, 17:31  |  Boycott

Reactions to security fears after US crackdown on app reflect relations with China

08 September, 14:56

The robbers stole at least 10 million baht in cash and valuables from an unspecified number of Chinese in the house

07 September, 18:39

Anything deemed threatening China's sovereignty, violating the criminal code or obstructing implementation of education policy could result in teachers having their visas cancelled or denied

04 September, 21:08

Sharing of core components signals new approach for Japanese automaker

03 September, 22:29

A woman in her 60s died of severe bleeding from glass shards after strong guests shattered the windows of her apartment unit in Busan

02 September, 13:36

AI predicts damage from temblors, tsunamis and typhoons

01 September, 12:24  |  Covid-19

The app, called the United Rumour Debunking Platform, was set up by the Cyberspace Administration of China and state news agency Xinhua

31 August, 18:44

Meaning that social media influencers must revise their previous online content to comply with the new guidelines

31 August, 11:28  |  Auto

The pacts will help reduce production costs and ease exports and imports of automotive products and construction materials among member