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12 April
25 December 2020

Throughout this year, the U.S. has imposed a series of sanctions on Chinese tech companies as part of an ongoing trade dispute.

24 December 2020

Thai Firm Siam Bioscience Joins with AstraZeneca to Make COVID-19 Vaccine for Southeast Asia and says it will produce 200 million doses of its anti-coronavirus vaccine in Thailand next year

23 December 2020

Weibo parent pioneered workaround copied by Alibaba and Tencent

22 December 2020  |  Covid-19

It has the capabilities to do so, says Ong Ye Kung, with support of logistical and pharmaceutical firms

21 December 2020

4K, AI and 5G will become the three sacred treasures of security

20 December 2020

For many years, Thailand has earned notoriety in the area of road fatalities

19 December 2020

The law gives Republicans more leverage in negotiating with Beijing

18 December 2020  |  Auto

The cathode of an NCMA battery is 90 percent nickel, and the cobalt percentage is less than 5 percent

17 December 2020

Biden treasury pick Janet Yellen likely to lead less combative approach

16 December 2020

The judge described the crimes as “extremely vicious in crime history,” adding the case had given people a cause for concern regarding how deeply rooted social media has become in society

15 December 2020

Millions of Indonesians have been left struggling by the pandemic, with the country on track to record one of its highest poverty rates in over a decade

14 December 2020  |  Covid-19

Japan logged over 3,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus for the first time on Saturday, while the country’s death toll from the virus rose by 28 to 2,595

13 December 2020  |  Tourism

Last leg of Green Line also scheduled to start serving Bangkok commuters

12 December 2020  |  Auto

Overall auto sales seen rising for first time in four years

11 December 2020

US short-term-rental platform sets sights on $1.5tn market in Asia

10 December 2020

Each autonomous electric drone can carry up to two passengers

09 December 2020  |  Tourism

Health authorities on Tuesday recorded 19 new Covid-19 infections

08 December 2020  |  Auto

Hyundai mainly produces buses and trucks in Jeonju

07 December 2020  |  Boycott

Tensions between the two countries flared in July 2019 when Japan tightened controls on South Korean exports, targeting materials used in memory chips and display screens

06 December 2020

Scientists hope samples in pod hold key to origin of life on Earth