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01 December
04 September, 21:08

Sharing of core components signals new approach for Japanese automaker

03 September, 22:29

A woman in her 60s died of severe bleeding from glass shards after strong guests shattered the windows of her apartment unit in Busan

02 September, 13:36

AI predicts damage from temblors, tsunamis and typhoons

01 September, 12:24  |  Covid-19

The app, called the United Rumour Debunking Platform, was set up by the Cyberspace Administration of China and state news agency Xinhua

31 August, 18:44

Meaning that social media influencers must revise their previous online content to comply with the new guidelines

31 August, 11:28  |  Auto

The pacts will help reduce production costs and ease exports and imports of automotive products and construction materials among member

28 August, 18:33

More Japanese companies are expected to leave China to take advantage of the incentives

27 August, 12:03  |  Blockchain

Right now the system is siloed along provincial borders, meaning data is not transferred when someone moves from province-to-province

26 August, 16:55  |  Tourism

Tourists would be permitted to fly to Phuket and will need to quarantine in a resort for 14 days

25 August, 21:11

Tension has risen between China and the US over a host of issues including trade, blame for the pandemic and China's policies in Xinjiang and Hong Kong

24 August, 13:18  |  Auto

Industry minister says country's status as Asean production hub secure

19 August, 16:37  |  Auto

The drivers can make payments with their vehicles after registering their affiliated credit cards in their cars

18 August, 14:45  |  Auto

Automaker adopts multicloud strategy to advance next-generation vehicles

15 August, 17:08

Chinese telecom gear features in 5G networks in South Africa and Uganda

10 August, 12:41  |  Boycott

The US finally announced a ban on Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat

09 August, 17:08

Software and health care are bright spots as startup capital grows scarce

07 August, 12:01  |  Crypto

Netizens have complained that the DCEP app, in its current state, lacks some of the functionality of Alipay and WeChat pay

04 August, 13:37  |  Auto

Indebted developer has five-year goal to become largest maker of electric vehicles

02 August, 14:00

Smaller vessels appeal to passengers with idea of lower-risk voyages

01 August, 18:16

Luxury brand, Burberry from Britain, has said production by all of its fashion items would use sustainable materials by 2022