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06 May
05 December 2020  |  Blockchain

China has been rolling out various trials of the digital yuan since April this year in primarily four cities: Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu and Xiong'An

04 December 2020

Move aims to block investment that could benefit Beijing's military

03 December 2020

hina started blocking Australian imports like coal after the Australian government asked for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus

02 December 2020

Immersive mysteries fuel a rebound in consumption after stay-at-home orders lifted

01 December 2020

Yuan is set for a gain of 1.6 per cent against the US dollar in November and is up 5.7 per cent so far this year

30 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Many infected are affected by loss of sight, memory, coordination, speech and delirium

29 November 2020  |  Crypto

The bank is hiring for “VP — Crypto Security Administrator” to get expert advice on how to design a secure solution for “managing crypto keys”

28 November 2020  |  Crypto

The funds were part of a major Ponzi scheme that exploited over two million people

27 November 2020

Six people, including four medical professionals, given prison sentences of up to 28 months for role in illegal transplants

26 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Health authorities have warned the current wave might be tougher to control than earlier infection

24 November 2020

Samsung sold $9.3 billion worth of TVs in the third quarter, up 22 percent from a year earlier

18 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Bowl-shaped design can be opened and closed for use in bars and restaurants

17 November 2020  |  Covid-19

This drug does not need ultra-cold storage, making it easier to distribute

16 November 2020

KDB also said it will invest 800 billion won in Hanjin Kal

15 November 2020

A minimum of six Asean countries in addition to three non-Asean partners must ratify RCEP for it to come into force

14 November 2020

Line TV's 'Y Series' gains 20m viewers and fans across Southeast Asia

13 November 2020

This is the first time for a collective statement to be issued by the chaebol's financial units indicating an end to their investments in coal-related projects

12 November 2020

Thailand has shown itself to be a leader of legislative reform among Asian nations, in relation to medical cannabis

11 November 2020  |  Covid-19

Prices for some varieties of monsteras reach $2700

10 November 2020

Syndicate, operating out of three flats in Tai Kok Tsui, collected more than HK$500 million in bets on international gambling websites