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10 December
17 April, 00:32

This year, the "Golden Week" coincided with the emperor's coronation and the beginning of a new era

16 April, 23:26

The capital of Japan has changed beyond recognition

16 April, 22:33

The total value of the deal is expected to surpass 1 trillion won

16 April, 21:29

It already has 4,000 drivers signed up and passengers can to pay via Octopus Card

16 April, 20:32

It used for crop monitoring as well as pesticide spraying

15 April, 22:57

Criminal want to receive his change before to withdraw the money

15 April, 22:40

He will carry out community service at regional community centers

15 April, 16:44

This was stated by the owner of Alibaba Jack Ma, adding that the processing of workers condemn the company to failure

12 April, 22:33

The new prime minister was also elected in government

12 April, 19:01

For them, this makes the facial recognition system

12 April, 18:22

There is an acute shortage of labor in the country

11 April, 22:53

According to public figures, large booking services occupy 90% of the hotel rooms in the country

11 April, 22:04

Schools use a loophole in the law to not pay for vacation and overtime

11 April, 21:40

The range of the store consists of more than 120 thousand works of various genres

11 April, 21:12

They will help promote cultural, technological and medical development

10 April, 22:04

This is the fourth checkpoint in this area of the border

10 April, 21:40

He hid the illegally obtained amount in barns, chicken coops and water tanks

10 April, 20:36

Under this pretext, they ask citizens for bank cards, ostensibly for replacement

10 April, 18:45

Japan Coast Guard and the Self-Defense Forces continue search operation

10 April, 17:06

This program, expected to cost ¥776 billion a year