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31 July


UK suspects Сhinese students for money laundering

Chinese State-owned banks are facing growing scrutiny from foreign governments

Photo: CFP

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Chinese Embassy in the UK said they are investigating into reports that the bank accounts of some Chinese students in the UK had been frozen over suspected money laundering. This article appeared in The Global Times.

The embassy said on its website on Friday that several Chinese students had asked them for help as their bank accounts were frozen after they privately exchanged money through WeChat, which could violate both UK and Chinese laws.

The embassy's post came after the UK National Crime Agency announced on Thursday on its website that the National Economic Crime Centre would seek to freeze 95 bank accounts containing an estimated 3.6 million pounds.

"There are no service charges," said a Chinese graduate surnamed Zhao who studied at the University of Sheffield. "It was not complicated," Zhao said.