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31 July


South Korea introduces AI for taxi drivers

It can helps to increase а passenger flow

Photo: Korea Times

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) said, Sunday, it plans to implement an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help taxi drivers find customers. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

Last November, the city government installed "AI Taxi System" in 380 cabs from five operators in the capital and found the system to be effective in reducing the imbalance between supply and demand.

According to the results of the test-run, the AI taxis were able to accommodate 25.3 passengers on average per day, a 21-percent increase from 20.9.

The local government and Korea Smart Card developed the AI system that evaluates big data including taxi information, weather, population and business districts in real-time to analyze taxi demand in the area.

Taxi drivers could press the "estimate" button on their meter and the AI will analyze passenger demand within a one-kilometer radius and the driver can head toward that direction to pick up prospective customers.

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