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31 July


Dust in Seoul came from North Korea

The Minister of South Korea made a statement on Monday

Photo: Pixabay

/NOVOSTIVL/ South Korea's environment minister said Monday some fine dust particles that blanketed most of the South last week came from North Korea. This article appeared in the Yonhap.

Minister Cho Myung-rae told the National Assembly he believes North Korea is one of the many causes for fine dust coming into South Korea.

Cho made the remarks replying to a question from an opposition lawmaker during a meeting of the National Assembly's Environment and Labor Committee.

"There are several reasons for the inflows of fine dust, but I believe some of the dust particles came from North Korea during times of their heavy concentrations (in South Korea)," said Cho, answering a question from Rep. Lee Jang-woo of the Liberty Korea Party.