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19 June


Smart toilet seats are life-threatening

After checking they were declared unfit in China

Photo: CCTV

/NOVOVSTIVL/ Nearly 40 per cent of the "smart toilet seats" sold on China’s online shopping platforms and tested by authorities in Shanghai were found to be substandard, state media reported, with some even posing a risk of electric shock. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

In a recent inspection, the Shanghai Market Supervision Administration tested 28 batches of the toilet seats which are popular among China’s middle class and have functions including heating, warm water washing and air drying.

Of the samples tested, 11 batches did not meet standards, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Sunday.

"Some (toilet seats) had structural defects that are potential safety hazards and could pose risks to consumers," Chu Zhangying, an official with the administration, was quoted as saying.

The substandard products have been banned from sale and their manufacturers are being investigated.

Smart toilet seats became a sought-after item in China about four years ago, when many tourists started bringing them home from trips to Japan. Two Chinese tourists were caught stealing one of the toilet seats from their hotel in Japan in 2016. It was returned when the hotel contacted the tour group and asked for it back.