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19 June


China to set the "logistic base" on Woody Island

Sansha will “take active steps and demonstrate their initiatives”

Photo: SCMP

/NOVOSTIVL/ The southernmost Chinese territory in the South China Sea, Sansha, will press ahead with a plan to build an "island city" on Woody Island and two smaller neighbouring islets in the contested waters. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

Zhang Jun, the Communist Party secretary of Sansha, which is located on the island in the Paracels, led a meeting on the development plan there on Friday, according to a statement on the city government’s website.

Sansha, part of Hainan province, was established by the Chinese government in 2012. The party chief said it aimed to turn Woody Island, or Yongxing in Chinese, and two smaller islets – Tree and Drummond, or Zhaoshu and Jinqing – into a "national key strategic service and logistics base".

"We need to carefully plan the overall development of the islands and reefs based on their different functions, taking into account their complementary relationship," Zhang said in the statement.

He said the development plan would follow through on a speech given by President Xi Jinping last year and a central government directive issued in April marking Hainan’s 30th anniversary.

The statement did not give further details of the plan but said officials in Sansha must "take active steps and demonstrate their initiatives" to provide a "satisfactory report card" to the party leadership.