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27 July


Japan question the honesty of Google, Apple and Facebook

Government doesn`t like the interference affairs of big companies

Photo: Reuters

/NOVOSTIVL/ The ruling Liberal Democratic Party questioned a Google LLC executive Wednesday over the company’s data protection and transaction practices as part of efforts to tighten regulation on information technology giants. This article appeared in the Kyodo News.

The party headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is also set to hear from Facebook Inc. on Friday as the nation’s antitrust watchdog and government ministries examine whether the market position of dominant tech companies, also including Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc., is hindering fair competition.

"We need to compile transparent and fair rules to remove the negative impact while promoting technological innovation at the same time," said LDP policy chief Fumio Kishida during the portion of the meeting that was open to the media.

According to a participant in the closed portion of the meeting, an executive from Google’s U.S. headquarters took part and talked about the company’s accountability standards when handling personal data and business transactions. The executive also raised concerns that excessive regulation would hinder technological innovation, the participant said.

Concerns have been raised that the companies are collecting their customers’ personal data without gaining sufficient consent and are not disclosing how the information is used.