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19 June


EU ignore US calls to ban Huawei

US tried to lobby allies in Europe to boycott Huawei over cybersecurity fears

Photo: Bloomberg

/NOVOSTIVL/ The European Commission has ignored US calls to ban Chinese tech supplier Huawei as it announced on Tuesday a series of cybersecurity recommendations for next-generation mobile networks, in a move which was hailed by the Chinese tech giant. This article appeared in the Associated Press.

Huawei said in a statement it welcomed the commission’s "objective and proportionate" recommendations.

In its guidance for the roll-out of ultra-fast fifth generation, or 5G, telecoms systems across the European Union in coming years, the commission urged member states to assess cyber threats to the 5G infrastructure in their national markets.

That information should then be shared among EU countries as part of a coordinated effort to develop a "toolbox of mitigating measures" and minimum common standards for 5G network security by the end of the year, the EU’s executive branch said.

The proposals are a setback for the United States, which has been lobbying allies in Europe to boycott Huawei over fears its equipment could be used by China’s communist leaders to carry out cyberespionage.