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19 June


Online Japan visa renewals for employers and agents

The Justice Ministry said it would happen in the end of July

Photo: KYODO

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Justice Ministry announced Tuesday that it will introduce an online application system for visa renewals from July 25 in a bid to simplify visa-related procedures. This article appeared in the Japan Times.

The online application system, which will only be available for use by agents or officials from organizations where foreign residents work, not the visa-holders themselves, can be used to apply for permission to extend foreign residents’ period of stay. It can also be used to obtain a re-entry permit to simplify immigration procedures for foreign nationals who temporarily leave the country.

The online service can also be used to apply for permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the previously granted visa status. Such an application needs to be submitted along with the application for permission to extend the period of stay.

The ministry will start by accepting online applications for visa renewals for employees including highly skilled professionals, university professors, researchers and interns working under the government-sponsored technical trainee program.

However, diplomats, short-term visitors and those under the new visas that will be introduced on April 1 are not eligible to apply for their residence permit online.