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06 May


Google create job search engine for Taiwan client

Users get jobs from different online site

Photo: CNA

/NOVOSTIVL/ American multinational technology company Google said Wednesday it has rolled out a new search function on its Taiwan platform for users to more easily find job opportunities on various websites. This article appeared in the CNA.

The search will list jobs based on the distance from the user's location, with options to limit the search to approximately 2, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 300 kilometers away.

It also allows searches for jobs based on when they were posted and for the user to filter the results, selecting one day, three days, the current week or the current month.

Google's commitments also include setting up a new center in New Taipei City to foster local talent, train programmers and developers, educate local students and help local businesses go global, the statement said.