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24 July


Ex-minister for open government affairs arrest in Russia for 2 months

Court considers that he embezzled $62 million

Photo: AP

/NOVOSTIVL/ A former Russian Cabinet member was ordered Wednesday to stay behind bars on charges of embezzling $62 million. This article appeared in the App News.

The Basmanny District Court ordered Mikhail Abyzov be kept in custody for two months while an investigation continues.

Abyzov is accused of leading a criminal group that allegedly embezzled 4 billion rubles in assets from energy companies and deposited it in foreign banks. He may face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Speaking in court, Abyzov rejected the charges and said he will cooperate with investigators to prove his innocence.

Abyzov was Russia’s minister for open government affairs in 2012-2018, overseeing information technologies and efforts to increase government transparency.