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13 April


Korean company show 5G data plans

It will cost from 48 to 114 dollars per month

Photo: KT

/NOVOSTIVL/ KT has introduced unlimited data plans for its mobile fifth-generation (5G) network in an attempt to woo more consumers to the high-speed service, which will begin April 5, the mobile carrier said Tuesday. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

"We have prepared three unlimited monthly data plans for 5G services ― the 5G Super Plan basic, special and premium ― and they are priced at 80,000 won ($70.4), 100,000 won and 130,000 won respectively," Park Hyun-jin, head of the firm's 5G marketing division said adding the plans offer free international roaming data in 185 countries, as well as free voice calls and text messages.

"The 5G Super Plan basic is 9,000 won cheaper than the unlimited data plan for LTE services. Subscribers to the basic and special plans can use unlimited international roaming data with an upper speed restriction of 100 kbps, which is enough for text messages and web surfing while the premium plan users can use data overseas with a restriction of 3 Mbps," he said.

For consumers who don't use data much, the firm also unveiled a 5G slim plan, priced at 55,000 won per month.

"Our 5G base stations have a cell capacity of over 20 gigabps, which is five to six times larger than that of LTE, so we can comply with demands from users who consume data heavily," said Oh Seong-mok, president of the network division at the firm.