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31 July


Toyota want to increase popularity of hybrids

In parallel, the company will begin to develop the concept of electric car

Photo: Reuters

/NOVOSTIVL/ Toyota Motor plans to offer royalty-free access to its coveted hybrid-vehicle technology patents, the company announced on Wednesday afternoon. The company said it will release a total of 23,740 active patents in the field. This article appeared in the Nikkei Asian Review.

Toyota's change of heart was driven by a fear of hybrids losing relevance as the broader industry moves toward pure electric vehicles.

Toyota hopes that this move will keep hybrids, a specialty of the automaker, on top in energy-efficient vehicles for longer while the industry works out the kinks holding back fully electric vehicles. It is also seen as a way for Toyota to buy time for its own belated shift to electric cars.

The idea is to not only make hybrid production accessible to more manufacturers, but also bring down costs by increasing the supply of key parts.