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24 June


Police found new member of K-pop spycam sex clip group chat

Criminals can be subject up to five years in jail or $26,000.

Photo: Instagram

/NOVOSTIVL/ To the dismay of fans, acclaimed singer Roy Kim is the latest figure allegedly involved in the growing sexual misconduct scandal involving male K-pop stars, which surfaced earlier this year from the ongoing investigation over drug, rape and prostitution allegations at certain upscale clubs in Gangnam. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

Police said Tuesday that Kim was a member of a mobile group chat where disgraced K-pop star Jung Joon-young shared at least 13 sex clips taken without the consent or knowledge of his partners. Misogynistic comments followed the shared spycam clips in the chatroom, snippets of the mobile conversation revealed by local media showed.

Seungri, the owner of the now-closed Burning Sun club, had been booked for evading tax by improper business registration and arranging prostitution services for foreign investors. And he now faces another charge of embezzlement, after police found five bank accounts ― opened with "borrowed" names ― used by Seungri to siphon out tens of millions of won from the club.

Under Korean law, a person who shares sexually explicit photos or videos taken without a person's consent or knowledge can be subject up to five years in jail or a maximum 30 million won fine ($26,000).