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31 July


China start LEGO course in university

The course aims to develop creative thinking

Photo: Xinhua

/NOVOSTIVL/ LEGO bricks have found a place in the classroom at northern China's Tianjin University, aiming to deepen students' knowledge and understanding and foster creative thinking. This article appeared in the Xinhua News Agency.

The LEGO course, launched in early March, was first applied to students from the university's College of Management and Economics.

Students poured their creative thinking into LEGO bricks.

For example, a mini car built by green bricks represented new-energy vehicles, and a lady with a shining diamond driving the car meant that the brand's targeted consumers were wealthy females.

"I can gain a deeper understanding by building LEGO models, and sharing ideas with others can trigger more insights," said student Jiang Zixiao.

According to teacher Shi Yingjie, the course is not a simple game of building blocks but a multi-level studying system that integrates LEGO and the elaborate organization of key points.

"It is appealing to students because they can probe the subject while "playing". The course can cultivate students' innovative thinking, self-expression, interpersonal skills and teamwork," Shi said