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31 July


Whales and belugas in Primorsky Region officially decided to release

The agreement was signed by Russian and foreign scientists

Photo: Reuters

/NOVOSTIVL/ Russia on Monday signed an agreement with a group of international scientists to free nearly 100 whales that have been held for months in cramped pens in Russia’s Far East.

With the support of local authorities, foreign scientists and Jean-Michel Cousteau signed an agreement with russian scientists. The Kremlin intervened and ordered local authorities to act, prompting Russia’s FSB security service to bring charges against four companies for breaking fishing laws.

"Scientists from Cousteau’s team and Russian scientists will decide when and which animals to release", said Oleg Kozhemyako, the governor of Primorsky Region.

A special rehabilitation center for whales will be created, the conditions of which will be as close as possible to their natural habitat. Any whale in the Sea of Japan can be treated there.