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19 June


Scammers in Japan gеt rich on emperor change

Under this pretext, they ask citizens for bank cards, ostensibly for replacement

Photo: Bloomberg

/NOVOSTIVL/ The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (NCAC) has warned of scams capitalizing on the change of era from Heisei to Reiwa, set to take place on May 1, which are starting to be seen across the nation. This article appeared in the Jiji Press.

In such "era change scams" scammers often send letters in the name of real organizations telling recipients that their bank cash cards need to be renewed because of the change of era, as a way to obtain the targets’ cards. In some cases, perpetrators succeed in withdrawing money with cards they obtain.

In Saitama Prefecture, some ¥860,000 was withdrawn in February from the bank account of a woman in her 70s.

She had received a call from a person who told her she needed to renew her bank cards due to the change of era in order to get a refund. She then handed two cash cards to a man who visited her home.

An official at the center said it is important not to give out details during calls from telemarketers.

The official also said that banks will not be asking customers to renew their cards because of the era change and urged consumers not to respond to any such fake notices.