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13 April


Korean acquitted of dodging military service by overeating chicken

He will carry out community service at regional community centers

Photo: Korea Times

/NOVOSTIVL/ A man has been found not guilty of attempting to avoid mandatory military service by binge-eating fried chicken to gain weight. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

The Incheon District Court said Sunday it recently acquitted the college student, 22, of violating of the Military Act. The man, whose name was withheld, was indicted in August 2016 for having his weight shoot up before the military health checkup in an alleged attempt to dodge the service.

In the checkup, he measured 169.6 centimeters tall and weighed 106 kilograms with a body mass index (BMI) of 36.8.

Those with a BMI of 33 or over are classified as overweight, and carry out community service at regional community centers or public organizations instead of being stationed in military camps.

The prosecution claimed the student, knowing the rule, tried to gain weight by drinking alcohol and bingeing on fried chicken. The man, however, claimed he had been overweight even before the extra weight gain.