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27 July


Tokyo police arrested a man for robbing over 100 taxis

Criminal want to receive his change before to withdraw the money

Photo: Kyodo

/NOVOSTIVL/ Tokyo police have arrested a man for allegedly robbing over 100 taxis throughout Japan by asking for change from drivers before paying and then fleeing with the money. This article appeared in the Kyodo.

The police said Friday that Ryusei Tamayose, a 23-year-old unemployed man with no fixed address, is suspected to have told a cab driver on the night of Oct. 20, upon their arrival in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, that he wanted to pay with a ¥10,000 bill but that he wanted to receive his change before exiting the cab to withdraw the money.

The suspect admitted to the theft, saying he has swindled money out of taxi drivers for the past three years and lived off the cash, according to the police.

In order to gain the drivers’ trust, Tamayose often asked them to stop at convenience stores on the way to his destinations and then returned to the cabs, a tactic meant to make them believe he wouldn’t cheat the fare, the investigators said.