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19 June


Media reports on the readiness of Tokyo to the Olympics 2020

The capital of Japan has changed beyond recognition

Photo: Jiji

/NOVOSTIVL/ Foreign-language signs are increasingly common along streets, cashless payment is becoming available at more shops and restaurants and ashtrays are vanishing from public spaces. Change is afoot in Tokyo. This article appeared in the Jiji Press.

The capital is rapidly transforming into a "global standard" city with these moves ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

The use of digital signs is spreading at train stations and commercial facilities in the capital. A Mitsukoshi department store in the Ginza district has adopted two digital sign units that can display information for visitors in four languages.

The introduction of smartphone-based payment systems, including those from overseas, is also progressing. Department and convenience store chains have been leading the way, and public transportation companies and businesses at major tourist spots are catching up.

In line with the International Olympic Committee’s push to hold a smoke-free Olympics, in the meantime, the government is working to curb indoor smoking under a health promotion law. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is making similar efforts under its own ordinance.