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31 July


Xi Jinping decide to eradicate nepotism in the army of the PRC

The Chinese leader will transfer several headquarters from Beijing to other cities

Photo: AP

/NOVOSTIVL/ Chinese military leaders are reviewing plans to relocate the headquarters of its five service branches away from Beijing to second- and third-tier cities, according to sources close to the People’s Liberation Army. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

The top brass began considering the relocation plans around 2015 but a decision to proceed was made in the last two years, several military sources said.

The sources said the leadership believed the move would help reduce cronyism and nepotism within the PLA and improve combat readiness – a top priority in President Xi Jinping’s reform plans.

"The ground force, navy, air force, rocket force and strategic support force are involved and the relocation plans mainly focus on moving the command units of these five different forces," one independent source said.

However, the relocation plans will not cover the Central Military Commission, the top policymaking body of the PLA, which will continue to operate from the August 1st Building in western Beijing.

Sources pointed out that the relocation plans already faced resistance from some senior officers who are reluctant to move from the capital city for family reasons.