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27 July


Hong Kong citizens can buy jeans from a 3D printer

The cost of pants in a local store is $250

Photo: SCMP

/NOVOSTIVL/ A start-up is combining 3D scanning and weaving technology to make the perfect pair of jeans, as consumers’ preferences shift from big-name brands to tech-inspired and sustainable fashion. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

San Francisco-based Unspun, which joined Hong Kong’s The Mills Fabrica “techstyle” incubator in February, touts itself as a zero-inventory store; jeans are only made when an order is placed. The incubator says techstyle covers material and supply chain innovation, wearables merging technology and style, and new retail experiences.

With 3D weaving, Unspun will no longer have any cut waste, the discarded fabric from traditional apparel making techniques. For now, Unspun uses their cut waste to create reusable packaging for their jeans.

As for the price – a pair of Unspun jeans will set customers back by HK$1,962 (US$250). "It’s easier for prices to go down than to go up, but we have to scale to get there, especially when you are setting up your own infrastructure – we have to set up scanning stations and create a supply chain to support that," said Walden Lam, one of Unspun’s three co-founders.

In addition, Lam said, standard jeans from other brands sell for the same price or more.