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27 July


Chinese people critic Durex for sexually marketing posts

"No single drop should be left over", "for one night" and another slogans

Photo: Pixabay

/NOVOSTIVL/ Condom brand Durex, which has a high reputation among Chinese netizens for its witty posters that track trending topics, has come under fire for a marketing campaign on Friday that many netizens criticized as containing strong sexual suggestion. This article appeared in the Global Times.

The pronunciation of the date April 19, if it is spoken in the numerals four-one-nine in English, allegedly sounds similar to "for one night," which has been further extrapolated to mean one-night stand.

Durex used the coincidence in a post on Sina Weibo and interacted with Chinese milk tea shop Heytea with a caption saying "no single drop should be left over."

In another controversial post, Durex asked if Heytea still remembered their second date and claimed "your first bite is most precious."

Heytea responded with by commenting that "my cheese is left over on your lips."

Durex also said that "Every mouth deserves to be fed" in a cooperative poster with online catering service platforms Eleme.

"Chinese people are conservative in talking about one-night stand, as it is a private and embarrassing topic in our tradition," Zhang Chen, a professor from Nanjing Normal University, told the Global Times on Sunday.