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19 June


New Record: six women win in Japan's local elections

In last voting win 4 only mayor-women

Photo: Pixabay

/NOVOSTIVL/ There were mayoral elections in 59 cities (including three prefectural capitals, Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture, Nagasaki and Oita), 11 of the 23 special wards in Tokyo, and 66 towns and villages. Additionally, there were municipal assembly elections in 294 cities, 20 Tokyo wards, and 282 towns and villages. This article appeared in the Jiji.

Of the six women, two incumbents — Yukari Kaneko, 60, mayor of the city of Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, and Noriko Suematsu, 48, mayor of the city of Suzuka in Mie Prefecture — secured their second and third terms, respectively, because no challengers had come forward by April 14 when the elections were announced, so they won by default.

The other four women won the mayor position in Sunday’s elections.

Of them, Akemi Fujita, 48, won her first term in the poll in the city of Kamo in Niigata Prefecture. Ritsuko Fujii, 65, also secured her first term as mayor of the city of Shunan in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Noriko Kawai, 63, mayor of the city of Kizugawa in Kyoto Prefecture, won her fourth term.

Two women competed in the election in the city of Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture. The winner was Mai Ito, 49, who secured her first term.