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19 June


Big Japanese companies want 30% female executives by 2030

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe support "womenomics"

Photo: Nikkei

/NOVOSTIVL/ Major Japanese companies will work to increase the number of female executives at blue chips to 30% from single digits by the end of 2030, joining an ambitious international effort, as the government seeks to promote women in the workforce. This article appeared in Nikkei.

Japan's chapter of the 30% Club campaign is set to launch on May 1. Participating businesses will set hard goals to bring women into the executive suite. The initiative also aims to have women occupy 10% of board seats at the end of 2020, then 30% at the end of 2030.

Women made up only 6.5% of executives, including auditors and corporate officers, at the top 100 Japanese companies in 2017. The Japanese government led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a vocal proponent of "womenomics," has laid out a plan to have women occupy over 10% of executive positions at listed companies by next year.