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13 April


North Korea blamed South Korea for joint military drill with U.S.

It marked the first time for this year

Photo: Yonhap

North Korea blasted South Korea on Thursday for conducting joint air force exercises with the United States, calling the maneuvers an act of "perfidy" endangering inter-Korean relations, even though the drills were scaled back from previous years. This article appeared in the Yonhap.

In a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency, the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country also urged Seoul to "behave with discretion," while warning that there could be a "response from our army."

It marked the first time that the North lashed out at South Korea in a statement by the committee handling inter-Korean affairs since early last year when the two Koreas resumed talks and exchanges after years of frozen relations.

"The acts of perfidy... have greatly disappointed us, as they, far from trying to keep to preserve the valuable spark of peace, reconciliation and cooperation, have gone against the trend toward the reconciliation on the peninsula which the North and the South nurtured by their joint efforts for the past one year," the statement said.