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13 April


China is increasingly considering online courts

Citizens prefer not to argue with the evidence base of artificial intelligence

Photo: Reuters

/NOVOSTIVL/ Cutting edge technology is fostering social credibility development in China, a senior legal officer said Thursday in Beijing. This article appeared in the Global Times.

Zhang Wen, president of Beijing Internet Court, said at a seminar during the 2019 Forum on China Intellectual Property Protection that new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are used to make legal rulings and have shown impressive results.

"Of the 41 cases concluded so far, parties chose to settle out of court rather than litigate in 40 cases with compelling evidence from blockchain. This fosters social credibility development in the country," Zhang told the Global Times on Thursday.

The Beijing Internet Court is the second of its kind in China and part of the country's efforts to address internet-related disputes via an online court. Such disputes are often large in number and small in compensation, and the parties are usually in different locations and time zones. Internet courts also reduce litigation costs. Since it was first established in September 2018, the Beijing Internet Court has processed 14,904 cases.