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19 June


China to develop an AI virtual anchor for Arabic TV

The demand for Chinese technology in the field of AI increased after the development of the project Belt and Road

Photo: AFP

/NOVOSTIVL/ Sogou, operator of China’s second largest online search engine, will develop the world’s first Arabic-speaking, artificial intelligence-based news presenter under a deal with the state-owned broadcaster in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as demand for Chinese hi-tech expertise grows in the countries covered by Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

The lifelike AI virtual anchor will help Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) provide news broadcasts more efficiently, in a range of engaging formats and potentially, on a round-the-clock basis every day, according to a statement by Sogou on Sunday after signing the agreement with the broadcaster.

"The use of artificial intelligence and technological tools in the media sector will result in a qualitative leap forward within the media landscape in the UAE and the wider region," said Omar Sultan Al Olama, the country’s minister of AI, in the statement.

Sogou’s AI anchor marks the latest Chinese hi-tech export to make inroads in the Belt and Road countries. Other advances developed by Chinese firms that have sparked demand range from face-scanning surveillance cameras, smart city management and autonomous driving systems.

China has been ramping up to become a global leader in AI by 2030, and now has an edge in terms of academic papers and patents as well as cross-border and global AI funding.