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19 June


Young people in Hong Kong "afraid" to rest

People aged 10 to 29 years are ashamed to take breaks in work or study

Photo: SCMP

/NOVOSTIVL/ About 40 per cent of Hong Kong’s young people feel guilty or fearful when taking breaks from studying or work, a survey released on Wednesday found. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post.

The youth NGO Breakthrough polled 1,221 people between the ages of 10 and 29 from October to December last year.

A total of 53.4% of the respondents were studying in primary or secondary schools, while 13.7% were in tertiary institutions. Some 20% of them had full-time jobs.

A total of 39.5% said they felt guilty or regretted taking a break for rest or recreation, while 43.1% said they did not dare rest or play if they had not finished their work.

"This affects the quality of rest and lowers the effectiveness of rest on mental stress," Simon Lam Chun-kit, a researcher at Breakthrough, said.

Some 55.4% said that even though they felt tired, they were worried resting would result in them not being able to catch up in school or at work.

Lam believed this phenomenon was the product of a competitive culture and a tendency for society in Hong Kong to take a negative view of resting.