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27 July


Xi Jinping asked Kim Jong-un to resume negotiations with the United States

China will support the North Korean leader and ensure stable security of the state

Photo: CCTV

/NOVOSTIVL/ President Xi Jinping asked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to resume his country's nuclear dialogue with the United States as China supports a process on finding a "political solution" in achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported Thursday. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

"The international community expects the United States and North Korea to restart a productive dialogue. In the past year, the peninsular issue has seen bright prospects for resolution through dialogue and won the recognition and expectations of the international community," CCTV quoted Xi as saying during his summit with Kim. I

t added that Xi said China would support the North Korean leader's leadership and guarantee stable security. "The situation on the peninsula concerns the peace and stability of the region," Xi told Kim.

In response, Kim said the North had taken "lots of positive measures" over the past year; however, he complained that he hadn't received "active responses from the relevant party," an apparent reference to the United States.

"North Korea would like to remain patient, but it hopes the relevant party will meet halfway with North Korea to explore resolution plans that accommodate each other's reasonable concerns," Kim was quoted as saying.

Xi and Kim's summit was being held as both face their own challenges with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Xi's visit is the first by a Chinese leader to North Korea in 14 years, after relations between the Cold War-era allies deteriorated over the North's nuclear tests and Beijing's subsequent backing of United Nations sanctions. The last visit to North Korea by a Chinese leader was in 2005 when then-President Hu Jintao met with former North Korean leader the late Kim Jong-il.