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13 April


SK Telecom launched the world's first 5G roaming service in Europe

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 can already connect to the network by updating the software

Photo: SK Telecom

/NOVOSTIVL/ SK Telecom (SKT) will begin the world's first fifth-generation (5G) roaming service in Switzerland, Wednesday, in partnership with a local mobile carrier, the company said Tuesday. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

The nation's top mobile carrier said users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and SKT's 5G subscriber plan will be able to connect to Swisscom's 5G networks when visiting Switzerland after a software upgrade on their smartphones.

The telecom company plans to provide a software upgrade to LG V50 ThinQ users soon so their mobile phones can connect to 5G networks in the European country, the firm said. It will continue to expand the number of countries where its subscribers can use 5G roaming services.

Swisscom is the No. 1 mobile carrier in Switzerland with 6 million subscribers. The company began its 5G service April 17 and currently offers the service in 110 cities including Zurich, Geneva and Bern.

The two companies signed a strategic partnership in May and have carried out various tests to commercialize 5G roaming services.

LG Uplus said, also on Tuesday, it will begin its roaming service in Finland, Friday, in partnership with Elisa, the top telecom company there. LG V50 ThinQ owners with LG Uplus' 5G plan will be able to use connect to 5G when visiting Finland, it said.