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27 July


Every fifth Thai experienced sexual harassment

More than half of the respondents told someone that they were sexually harassed

Photo: TheThaiger

/NOVOSTIVL/ A recent survey of 1,107 Thais found that 21% of respondents say they have experienced sexual harassment. The survey was conducted by YouGov, a UK-based market research company. This article appeared in TheThaiger.

Sexual assault was the most common form of sexual harassment reported by 44% of respondents. The second most common form of sexual harassment, 42%, was verbal comments of a sexual nature, and then "flashing" at 35 %.

According to the survey, most experiences of sexual harassment took place at public places, such in public transportation (27%), nightclubs (18%), schools and universities (17%).

While one in five Thais have experienced sexual harassment, more than half of the respondents (57%) told someone that they had been sexually harassed.

Of this percentage people are more likely to tell a friend (55%) or family members (39%) than the police (10%). Men were more likely to report their experiences of sexual harassment than women.

In March 2018, authorities in Thailand came out telling women to avoid dressing in "sexy" outfits as they tried to prevent sexual harassment or sex assault cases during the popular Songkran festival, including the Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Later, in November 2018, The Nation published an opinion piece in which the writer noted that no sexual harassment case in the country has ever gone to court, adding that legally, "sexual harassment doesn’t exist in Thailand".