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27 July


The Government of South Korea will move "to the digital" by 2022

Officials plan to spend 725 million won

Officials Photo: Yonhap

/NOVOSTIVL/ The government will spend 725 billion won ($622 million) by 2022 on digital innovation in the public sector, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Science and ICT announced Tuesday. This article appeared in The Korea Times.

As part of this, the administration will foster a plan allowing individuals and organizations to store their identification credentials, including resident registration numbers, on smartphones for ease of use when necessary. This system will no longer require the involvement of intermediaries, mostly government-certified or publicly run entities that manage personal data, according to the ministries.

"With the move, the government hopes to lead an AI-based digital transformation and provide high-quality public services," - Interior Minister Chin Young said during a press briefing.

This comes just a day after President Moon Jae-in pledged to use AI technology in government procedures.

The minister unveiled six ways in which the government can digitize public services - providing personalized services in terms of childcare subsidies or tax cuts, getting rid of paper bureaucracy, engaging citizens to resolve social issues, fostering smart working environments, activating cloud services and establishing open data.

The government has stated that AI technology will help provide one-stop packaged financial benefits to individuals who register the birth of a child, or an inheritance. It will also move to eliminate paper bureaucratic processes and ID cards in the future, by promoting the storage of personal data on smartphones.

According to the ministry, people can verify their identity with information saved in e-wallets on smartphones, enabling accredited certification through mobile devices.

"Smartphones are more secure and convenient compared with plastic ID cards," - an interior ministry official said.

He added that the government expects to save 3 trillion won in costs by replacing 50% of paper certificates.