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19 June


Osaka will let clubs, bars and gyms reopen on Monday

Osaka lifted most of its restrictions on businesses, except for live music venues, karaoke parlors, sports clubs

Nakanoshima Park in Osaka Photo: asahi.com

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Osaka Prefectural Government will lift business suspension requests on Monday for all local facilities where clusters of novel coronavirus infections occurred, such as live music clubs, gyms and bars.

The decision was made Thursday at a meeting of the prefectural government’s coronavirus response headquarters.

The prefecture also drew up its own guidelines to prevent infections, which, among other things, call for concert attendees to be seated during the events in principle.

To reopen, the facilities will be required to make a list of customers and introduce a system developed by the prefectural government for the tracking of infected people using QR codes.

The prefectural government will consider making business suspension requests again if a cluster of infections is found.

The prefectural government initially planned to allow the businesses, where cluster infections have occurred, to reopen from May 30. But it decided at a May 28 meeting of its task force handling the coronavirus outbreak to push back the date to June 1 to keep in step with Hyogo and Kyoto.

To prevent infections, the Osaka prefectural government will ask operators of the businesses to follow guidelines for each sector created by industry organizations as a precondition for lifting its closure requests.

The prefectural government had to create new guidelines for live music venues and host and hostess clubs as no guidelines existed.