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31 July


How rich is singer Celine Dion?

Her Las Vegas show broke records by selling $681 million in tickets, she has a 10000-pair shoe collection

Celine Dion Photo: AP

/NOVOSTIVL/ Ever since her meteoric rise to international superstardom in the early 1990s, Celine Dion has won the hearts of fans worldwide, performing one glittering tour after another. Over the course of her spectacular career, Dion has sold more than 220 million albums and performed to packed arenas around the globe.

Her 16-year, two-residency run in Las Vegas earned her a combined $681.3 million, making her performances the two bestselling and highest-grossing shows in history. These career milestones have helped the Canadian-born vocalist amass a fortune that is, quite simply, astounding.

Dion’s wealth is currently estimated at some $800 million. Her 2019 earnings alone topped over $37 million. Here are four examples of Dion’s abundant wealth.

1. There’s no place like (Celine’s) home

Though many celebrities have homes dotted around the globe, it’s the sheer scale of Celine’s abodes that impresses.

Having owned and sold several grand residences in her lifetime, one that is particularly noteworthy in terms of opulence is her former Florida mansion – sold in 2017 for US$28 million. With its own waterslide, lazy river and mega games room, the beachfront property seems more like a vast water park and resort than a single residence.

2. No singing for her supper

The songstress’s income-generating activities aren’t restricted to the skilful use of her vocal cords. Early in her career, Dion established Canadian restaurant franchise Nickels, boasting several locations (she has since distanced herself from the chain). Another eatery endeavour, Dion became a partner and co-owner of Schwartz's Deli, a beloved Montreal institution established by a Romanian Jewish immigrant in the late 1920s.

3. Her heart will golf on

Another of Dion’s keen passions is golfing. The Titanic theme song singer has such an ardent affection for the game that she and late husband, René Angélil, bought the expansive Le Mirage Golf Club, a golfing and leisure compound featuring two golf courses.

4. Shoes! Glorious shoes!

Like any diva, Dion’s love (read: obsession) with shoes is real. Her footwear fetish is so mighty that in her former beachside Florida home, her massive wardrobe included a straight-from-the-future set of automated conveyor-belt-like shelves housing her enormous shoe collection.

Dion has since confessed (in a Carpool Karaoke clip) that her 10,000-pair collection is so vast it requires a warehouse to store all of her boots and pumps. Oh, but to walk a step in Dion’s shoes.