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14 June


Panacea from over the Sea or How Dermatologists Can Lose Their Jobs

Having a look that stands out is no longer as important as feeling good in your skin

Olga Trofimova Photo: Primkosmetika

/NOVOSTIVL/ Olga Trofimova, a founder of a Far-Eastern brand of cosmetics based on marine resources, sharing about the way the sea cucumber can rid you of skin allergy and how to make it a business.

In 2016, Olga Trofimova residing in Vladivostok launched her first line of a function cream based on organic extract of the holothuria, or “sea cucumbers”, that traditionally contain a big portion of amino acids, vitamin E, carotenoids and other useful substances. Its composition helps treat burns, allergic skin reactions and conditions, as well as fight acne and skin ageing. Within two years, the product won recognition not only in the Far East, but also all over Russia, and abroad, too.

The girl has confessed that it all was thanks to a coincident. In 2015, she tried to find a remedy that would rid her of severe allergies aggravated after a childbirth.

“My skin has always been prone to quickly developing allergies, and when a child was born it worsened the inflammatory responses. As I was breastfeeding, I was advised against the traditional hormonal treatment, so I had to look for alternatives that would with any luck alleviate my allergic reactions,” recalls the businesswoman.

The road from the design to launch onto the market took a few years that were spent on various tests and research. It took almost a year to start the production, they set it going in 2016 using their own resources. The first stage took investment of $10 000. The expenditures repaid in only a year after the first batch of the product had been released. Within the next few years the return doubled, and the assortment line extended to 5 Pentakan products: the cream, balm cream, gel cream, balm oil and shampoo.

Pentakan products Photo: Primkosmetika

According to a recent research by the Taiwan University, the “sea cucumbers” have vast application potential in medicine and cosmetics, and it is dry extracts of holothuria that provide solution to economical and rational use of marine resources and promote sustainable development. The holothuria is researched in institutes of Asia and Europe, and these marine creatures are of much interest to science because of their unique regenerative capability, and their profusion in collagen and other bioactive substances. And it is Russian scientists that lead in studies of holothuria regeneration. It comes as no surprise that it is here, in the Far East of Russia, through lean production technologies a unique extract was developed, that best preserves the goodness of “sea cucumbers”. The Russian manufacturer has been favored by colleagues from abroad, and there has come along arrangements to collaborate in research and production. As skin conditions is reality for almost every person on the planet, we have quite an opportunity for growth.

Now they release approximately 1000 items a year. The average retail price of Pentakan cream in Russia is $10. The product enjoys well-deserved popularity. Its unique qualities have been duly appreciated by the mass market. The cosmetic preparations are sold in drugstore networks of Primorsky Region. They have distributors in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd and Khabarovsk. In the beginning of 2019, they opened their own online store, and the products became available at international marketplaces.

The word-of-mouth marketing has helped the brand visibility. The advertising budget spent to spread the word is significantly less than the conventional communication channels. The company also makes use of SMM tools, i.e. the range of social media advertising.

Most customers buy the products to fight various skin conditions, make it healthy and beautiful. Dermatitises, acne, exfoliation, aging and other defects are eliminated by regular use of cosmetics with holothuria extract.

The unique cosmetics brand of Pentakan, proved to be an ultimate know-how at the national market, anticipates great new prospects. Its exclusive properties simply revive the skin. Every day the products become more popular and affordable for the consumers. The Far-Eastern manufacture can change the live of anyone who experiences skin conditions. Pentakan product line restores the beauty and health making people’s lives happier.