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19 June


Korea to develop AI-powered immigration control system

Incheon International Airport will start testing intelligent control system in 2021

Photo: Yonhap

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Science and ICT Ministry will invest 45 billion won ($37,6 million) in developing an AI-powered immigration control system by 2022, it announced on Friday.

The ministry said it will test the smart control system at Incheon International Airport starting next year.

There are currently 11 consortiums joining the state-led project, according to the ministry. Included in the consortiums are computer vision solution maker Alchera, and AI and big data solution developers Minds Lab and Onycom.

The companies selected for the government’s project are provided with a 2022 square-meter lab in Sangam-dong, Seoul, to develop a next generation immigration control system.

The companies will be also given immigration data from the Ministry of Justice. The developers can use the data for their machine learning engines, which will help the system accurately recognize passersby and sort out signs that indicate potential dangers.

“The latest project utilizing AI and data technology is in line with the government’s ‘New Deal.’ The nation will increase support to local firms to develop AI-data solutions,” said Kim Jeong-won, Director-General for Basic & Source Technology R&D Policy.

Meanwhile, the ministry said it has not decided whether it will permanently install the new AI-powered immigration control system at local airports. The ministry will discuss the issue after finishing test operations at Incheon International Airport, it said.