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24 July


All-electric Ford Mustang is actually a souped-up Tesla

The Aviar R67 captures the essence of a Mustang better than Ford’s latest version, because it actually looks like one

R67 Photo: Aviarmotors

/NOVOSTIVL/ A boutique electric car startup from Russia, called Aviar, is working on a Mustang-styled concept that’s built atop a Tesla Model S platform.

Called the R67, the modern take on the classic American muscle car has all the features you’d expect. It’s got a wide rear-end, it’s ridiculously fast in a straight line, and it makes no apologies about that fact.

According to Aviar, the R67 will do zero to 100 kph in 2,2 seconds, which will make any classic Mustang look like a shopping cart in comparison. It’s also going to have a 100 kWh battery that’s good for over 500 km of range. So you’ll be able to burn rubber, with a slightly cleaner conscience than if it were powered by a big block V8.

It’s an entirely new body built atop a Tesla Model S platform. It uses all of the Tesla‘s drivetrain components, and most of the interior by the looks of things. The R67 spec list reads exactly like a Model S, so think of this as a Tesla that’s actually interesting to look at and has character.

It’d be enough to convince even the most hardcore of classic Mustang fans to give electricity a try. If not, Ford’s also showed off what’s possible with electric drivetrains with an experimental race-edition Mustang that has seven motors. Is that the car will be certified for use at Tesla Supercharger stations.

There’s no word on pricing yet.

The electrified Jaguar X120 which is part restoration and part modification, starts at around $200 000. Given that Aviar needs to acquire a Model S to build the R67, and those cost north of $82 000, and be not surprised if the Aviar R67 ended up selling for more than $300 000.