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27 July


Russia to be working on coronavirus vaccine for cats

The vaccine is expected to be tested in the autumn

Сat temperature Photo: AFP

/NOVOSTIVL/ Russia is creating a coronavirus vaccine to protects cats and minks, the country's veterinary watchdog has announced.

The vaccine is expected to be tested in the autumn and follows confirmed cases of cat Covid-19 in Moscow and Tyumen, the Rosselkhoznadzor agency said.

It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an approved human jab against the disease.

Rosselkhoznadzor head, Sergey Dankvert said: "We are working on the creation of a vaccine for animals against the new coronavirus infection"

The vaccine is needed primarily for mink. They quickly transmit the virus to each other. The county has around 100 mink farms which contribute to Russia's fur trade.

However, it is hoped that the jab will be compatible with cats.

He added: "People will want to vaccinate pets as well - for example, cats that become infected with a new coronavirus infection".