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24 July


Three Servicemen Die as Soldier Opens Fire in Voronezh Region

According to preliminary reports, the perpetrator seized arms from an officer and attacked his fellow servicemen

Photo: riavrn.ru

/NOVOSTIVL/ A soldier has killed three people at an air base near the Russian city of Voronezh, the military announced on Monday. According to an official statement from the Western Military District, the armed assailant escaped. The military and police have launched a search operation.

At the same time, another soldier shot in the attack, has been admitted to a military hospital. According to medics, his life is not in danger.

The tragedy happened early on Monday morning at a military airfield near Voronezh, 490km south of Moscow. According to preliminary reports, a service member armed with an axe attacked a group of people, managed to seize an automatic rifle and then opened fire, killing three people and injuring one other.

Details of what had happened are yet to be clarified. A police notice published by the local media identified the suspect as 20-year-old Anton Makarov and said he was last seen running into the territory of the Voronezh Malshevo air base and may have a handgun on him.

The police description said an officer on duty and a driver are among the victims of the shooting.