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24 July


Detained three "ocean's friends" from Vladivostok, who came up with a brazen scheme for the divorce of foreigners

The police established the involvement of three residents of Vladivostok 32, 27 and 34 years old in the Commission of 4 facts of fraudulent actions against foreign citizens

Photo: МВД.рф

/NOVOSTIVL/ Sleight of hand and a lot of fraud. Here is the motto of three residents of Vladivostok, who bred on the money of foreigners. They tracked down potential victims in various districts of the regional capital and acted according to the following scheme: one of the defendants in a public place "lost" a transparent bag with a large amount of money, his accomplice picked up a bundle of bills and offered a passerby to divide the money among themselves, for which he took him to a deserted place.

When the money was "divided", the first member of the group returned and demanded to return everything. He claimed that he would be able to recognize his bills by their characteristics, so he forced an accomplice and a random passerby to show all the available cash. At the time of the "check", one of the scammers quietly stole some of the money. After that, the remaining bills were returned to the victim.

Employees of the Department for combating organized crime of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Primorsky kray brought fraudsters to clean water. They were residents of Vladivostok at the age of 32, 27 and 34 years. The detention took place with the support of the Rosgvardia. Criminal cases have been initiated. One of the defendants was taken into custody, and two of his accomplices were given a preventive measure in the form of a recognizance not to leave.

While the involvement of the detainees in four episodes of fraud has been established, citizens of Uzbekistan and the Republic of South Korea have suffered. The damage exceeded 70 thousand rubles.