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14 June


Wood exports from the Russian Far East fell by 10% in 2020 after the increase in duties

In 2018, the duty was 25%, in 2019 – 40%, in 2020-60%, in 2021 it should be 80%.

Photo: rzd.ru

/NOVOSTIVL/ Exports of unprocessed wood and timber products from the regions of the Far East for 10 months of 2020 decreased by 10% compared to the same period last year, the press service of the far Eastern customs administration (DVTU) told TASS on Wednesday. According to experts interviewed by the Agency, the reason was a serious increase in export duties on roundwood and the General situation on the market. Wood exports from the Far East after the increase in duties decreased by 10% in 2020

Earlier, the Russian government made a number of decisions aimed at increasing the degree of wood processing and reducing the volume of raw wood exports. One of these decisions was to increase duties on roundwood exports. In 2018, the duty was 25%, in 2019 – 40%, in 2020-60%, in 2021 it should be 80%.

"For 10 months of this year, the export of wood and products made from it by participants of foreign economic activity registered in the territory of the far Eastern Federal district amounted to 6.075 million tons. For the same period last year, this figure was 6.786 million tons, " the DVTU reported.

According to Viktor Medved, Deputy General Director of one of the oldest companies in Primorye, Primorskie Lesopromyshlenniki, the decline in wood exports was really primarily affected by duties. "The increase in duties has led to the fact that the cost of wood for export has become too high. At the same time, in China, where almost all the wood goes, prices for roundwood fell, and it became simply unprofitable to send it there. At the same time, the Chinese market has already been saturated with timber, and our cost price is also too high, " the Agency's interlocutor said.

Pavel Korchagin, General Director of the Primorye Association of timber producers and exporters, also cites the General situation on the Chinese market as the reasons for the decline in Russian timber exports. According to him, the lack of sufficient demand and even at times the lack of rolling stock to send wood played a role. As for lumber, according to the expert, Chinese specialists worked at the far Eastern processing plants. Because of the pandemic, many people now lack them.

To increase domestic demand for timber, the presidential envoy to the far Eastern Federal district, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government Yuri Trutnev proposed to develop and support projects related to wooden housing construction in the far East, in parallel with the development of mortgage lending programs. At the same time, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, the increase in the duty on the export of roundwood for export has already stimulated the development of woodworking in the far East.