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19 June


TikTok named the TOP 10 tracks popular in Russia in 2020

According to the video service, the most popular musicians were, in particular, Rahim, Jaro and Hanza, Rauf and Faik and Little Big

Photo: Reuters

/NOVOSTIVL/ TikTok video service named the TOP 10 tracks popular in Russia in 2020. This is stated in the rating of the company.

"TikTok users know how important it is to choose a track for their video so that it will shoot and hit the recommendations. We have selected 10 tracks that can be safely called the soundtracks of 2020 in Russian TikTok: Rahim - Fendi, Bianca and Artur Babich - "There were dances", Gafur and Jony-Lollipop, Cardi B-WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion), Blackpink - How you like that, the Limba and Andro-X. O, the Limba-Smoothies, Jaro and Hanza - You're my buzz, Karna. val-psych Ward, Dava and Serega-Black Boomer, " the company said.

In addition, the video service named popular musicians in the Russian segment of the social network, they are: Rahim, Jaro and Hanza, Rauf and Faik, Little Big, Egor creed, Karna. val, Blackpink, Cardi B, the Limba, Megan Thee Stallion. The company also published a list of the most popular viral videos in Russia, including, for example, a sincere video from Rahim Abramov, in which he spends time with his grandmother.

"More and more celebrities came to TikTok to be even closer to their audience, speak the same language with them, show their real selves and share their creativity. Who won the true love of the community this year: TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva, singer Yegor creed, singer Klava Koka, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov and Artist David Manukyan, " the company explained.

In addition, the video service created a rating in such categories as:" inspiring content authors"," favorite challenges"," viral effect "and"projects that inspired the community".