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14 June


Russia has deployed interceptor of distant radius of action in the Chukotka region for control of the Arctic

Groups of MiG-31 aircraft have been on combat duty since December 1

Photo: mil.ru

/NOVOSTIVL/ Groups of long-range interceptors MiG-31 took up combat duty in the arctic to control the region. This was announced by the commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergey Avakyants.

"Since December 1, groups of MiG-31 aircraft of the naval aviation of the fleet have taken up combat duty in the Arctic, "Avakyants said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

According to the commander, the fleet clearly understands the importance of the region for Russia, " therefore, the appropriate infrastructure has been deployed at the airfield in Anadyr, which will allow our forces to carry out continuous air defense duty."

The MiG-31 is a long-range supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor. It was this aircraft that became the platform for the creation of the Kinzhal air complex, equipped with a hypersonic missile. The new machine was called the MiG-31K.