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24 June


New requirements for cigarettes are being prepared in Russia

According to the document, which can be approved in two years, they must be self-extinguishing

Photo: Tobacco Manufacturing

/NOVOSTIVL/ The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia together with the Ministry of Health is preparing for approval a new requirement for cigarettes, according to which they must be self-extinguishing, the document can be approved in two years.

"We are now working on a standard for cigarettes to be self-extinguishing, this is when a ring-shaped device is inserted into cigarette paper, which, if you do not take a puff, leads to its extinguishing," said Director of the Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Rinat Enikeev. "We hope that in two years this standard will be approved in Russia."

According to Enikeev, this practice has long been widespread in European countries, in the Soviet Union there were similar cigarettes, fires from which practically did not occur. Now, in the production of cigarettes, saltpeter paper is used, which burns well. He said that in Russia there are a lot of fires due to careless smoking, including in a state of intoxication, when an un-extinguished cigarette falls on the bed, sofas or on the floor, and the temperature in the area of contact with the surface reaches 450 degrees, which leads to fires.